Precision Metal Finishing specializes in Cadmium plating, a process which is superior to zinc for corrosion protection. Most of our business is in the commercial and private aviation industry. We offer on site services, working on aircraft at your location.Our goal is to save you money and time by returning your aircraft to service as fast as possible. Cadmium Plating is the best solution for many situations and is used in harsh environments and aerospace applications. It is especially good in marine or salt environments. Aircraft in regular service experience constant moisture and temperatures variation, therefore any exposed metals are at constant risk of corrosion. Cadmium performs very well. It usually will offer double the corrosion resistance as zinc. 

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Precision Metal Finishing is FAA approved and certified, and ready to serve your needs today.Cadmium is used for providing sacrificial (cathodic) protection to steel.Cadmium’s lubricity and capability to prevent galling between sliding surfaces is a key property responsible for many of its applications. In marine environments, cadmium is better than an equal thickness of zinc. It is also readily solderable with nonacid fluxes, has good electrical conductivity, and when corroded, forms thinner and less harmful corrosion products than zinc.

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We are FAA Approved & certified.

Our goal is to save you time and money.

For installing fasteners, a predictable high tension is obtained at low torque with cadmium. This feature, combined with its compatibility with aluminum, has made cadmium a popular finish for aerospace fasteners and other aerospace and military applications. Cadmium electroplating in a sodium cyanide solution results in fine grained deposits with relatively good thickness uniformity.Typical thickness of cadmium is .0002 – .0008 inch deposit.